21 January / COVID-19

Phase 4 of Queensland's Industry COVID Safe Plan

The Industry Working Group has moved to Phase 4 – 'Living with COVID' – and has updated the Queensland Construction & Related Industries COVID Safe Plan to reflect this. This latest version also incorporates current Queensland Health requirements and some minor refinements to clarify existing procedures.

Hutchies' teams working in Queensland must read the below, implement the changes and circulate the latest copies of the COVID Safe Plan for Phase 4 and Managing Positive Cases & Close / Casual Contacts Update to all Workers / Subcontractors / Suppliers as a priority. This enables everyone to be on the same page with how positive cases and close contacts are managed on construction sites in Queensland.

The Queensland Construction Industry Working Group will continue to meet and will also consult with Queensland Health as the COVID-19 environment evolves. The Industry Plan will be reviewed and amended as Government Directions are updated, and guidance materials are released.

It is important to remember that anyone you interact with at the moment could have coronavirus and everyone should be extra vigilant with COVID safe measures to keep each other safe. You should monitor for symptoms – if any develop, stay home and get tested.

If you are unsure about anything, need to report a positive case / close contact, or have questions about COVID-19, please contact Hutchies' Coronavirus Team.

What's in this update

> Version 2 of the Industry COVID Safe Plan for Phase 4
> Version 3 of the Managing Positive Cases & Contacts Update
> Reporting & managing cases
> Timelines for Positive Case & Close Contact Requirements
> Clarification on Close Contact Isolation Period


Industry Plan

Key updates include:

  • Phase 4 of the Plan has been developed to align with the industry's managing positive cases processes as we 'live with COVID' 
  • Requirements when working in High Risk Settings are now clearly defined
  • Minor edits of the document have been made to tidy up consistency

Version 2 / 21 January 2022 (superseding Version 1 / 13 December 2021)

Download Plan


Industry Update

Key updates include:

  • Minor amendments in the wording to simplify the explanation of requirements for confirmed cases and close contacts

Version 3 / 21 January 2022 (superseding Version 2 / 10 January 2022)

Download Update

Reporting & managing cases

Report all cases to Hutchies' Coronavirus Team

Please notify us ASAP of all confirmed cases or close contacts that work for Hutchies or have been on one of our sites or in our offices / yards (including Subcontractors / Suppliers / Visitors).

  1. Email coronavirus@hutchies.com.au
  2. Provide their full name (or name of employer only if not Hutchies)
  3. Date Hutchies was notified
  4. Date of test / when symptoms started (if relevant)
  5. If they worked whilst infectious (and if so the dates / times)
  6. If they have tested positive with RAT or PCR or have symptoms

Under the current Health Directions, everyone has an obligation, including businesses, to undertake contact tracing when managing a positive case. This includes directly notifying anyone they may have been in contact with either at work or home whilst potentially infectious.

The names of individuals reported to Hutchies' Coronavirus Team and who have tested positive for COVID are kept confidential. However, the information provided is used to assist with discreet contact tracing, to provide advice to individuals who may have been in contact with a positive case, to measure the impacts of COVID-19, and to update Hutchies' Payroll and Directors if required.

It is also the personal obligation of positive cases to notify their Team Leader and any other people they interacted more closely with at home or at work in the 2-3 days prior to developing symptoms or receiving a positive test result.

Managing a positive case

When teams are advised of a confirmed positive case, Hutchies' sites and offices must report the case.

If the positive case has been on site or in a Hutchies' office / yard potentially whilst infectious (that is 2-3 days before symptoms or a positive test), the team must follow the 'Managing a Positive Case Process' outlined in the latest Industry Update.

Summary for Hutchies' sites
> Managed by Project / Site Management Team or Team Leader
> Report all cases to coronavirus@hutchies.com.au
> If infectious on site, follow Managing a Positive Case Process
> Step 4 must use the Site Notification to notify Workers / Visitors
> Don't alter the notification 'actions' as they align with Health Directions
> Do not identify positive cases in notifications to protect their privacy

Summary for Hutchies' offices / yards
> Managed by Team Leader / Office Champion
> Report all cases to coronavirus@hutchies.com.au
> If infectious in office / yard, follow Managing a Positive Case Process
> Step 4 must use the Office Notification to notify Workers / Visitors
> Don't alter the notification 'actions' as they align with Health Directions
> Do not identify positive cases in notifications to protect their privacy

Case notifications for the Toowong office will be managed by Hutchies' Coronavirus Team centrally.

Timelines for positive case and contact requirements

Close contact isolation period

For clarity, a close contact's isolation period is defined as:

  • Starting when they are informed or become aware they are a close contact of a diagnosed person
  • Ending after 7 days from the date the diagnosed person took the initial test that returned a positive result (provided the close contact has no symptoms and a test on Day 6 of their quarantine returns a negative result)

Other Recent Activities

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12 May / Notice

We've secured a new national agreement to provide Hutchies' teams consistent service, products and pricing. 

A review was undertaken on the top 20 items Hutchies purchases from Hilti annually. From here we were able to negotiate and ensure that Hutchies has the best and cheapest price in the market for these items.

These new and fixed rates are reflected in the Hilti price list


Hilti has an extensive range of products available at exclusive prices:

  • Cordless tools
  • Power tools
  • Dust management and vacuum cleaners
  • Tool inserts
  • Direct fastening
  • Measuring tools and scanners
  • Fasteners
  • Fire stop and fire protection
  • Modular support systems
  • Facade mounting systems
  • Construction chemicals
  • Exoskeleton and human augmentation systems

And more!


Using Hutchies' preferred supplier will give you:

  • Pricing security for ALL teams nationally – what you pay for an injectable mortar in Rockhampton, is the same price that you will pay for the same item in Sydney
  • Based on previous years purchasing there is a projected saving of $100K per annum on current spend
  • Hilti has dedicated engineering professionals available to assist in ensuring our projects have been specified with the correct product
  • National access to industry leading products
  • Dedicated account managers in each state / territory
  • Hutchies receiving up to 15% cheaper on select products than our competitors
  • Fixed pricing on a wide range of products
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11 May / Notice

Revised agreements with Hanson have now been finalised to provide Hutchies' teams consistent service and pricing for concrete supply across QLD. 

These updates follow the notice circulated to all South East QLD Teams on 14 April 2022.

Updated documents are available on the Document Library and via the below links.

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3 May / Quality Alert

Here is what our regulators are focused on

Hutchies prides itself on being ‘a safe pair of hands’. We deliver projects that stand the test of time and scrutiny of all. 

The QBCC has a new Commissioner and executive team in place to facilitate change and restore public confidence, so it is important we are adequately prepared to demonstrate Hutchies’ commitment to compliance, quality and safety.

The QBCC has a wide-ranging set of responsibilities and powers in the industry including authority over:

  • Adequate supervision
  • Unlicenced supervisors
  • Incorrectly licenced supervisors
  • Non-Conforming Building Products (NCBP)
  • Building quality on site
  • Proper building certification
  • Consumer / body corporate defects complaints
  • Safety record (ie notifiable incidents)
  • Issuing of demerit points

We have our own high standards that align to our company objectives. Hutchies is committed to the performance and compliance of our projects. We should never need a regulator to direct us to do the right thing. We are proud, professional, and responsible enough to manage our business.

As it stands, we have defended a number of issues over the years and have no less than 5 issues at present. The consequences of failing on any of these issues with the QBCC can lead to demerit points on our builders' licence. On the spot, investigated or prosecuted issues can be fined up to 10 demerit points each, to a maximum to 20 points if an issue leads to multiple breaches. Each issue also attracts considerable financial penalties and appears on public record for 5 years. If a builder exceeds more than 30 demerit points, QBCC will cancel its licence for 3 years. If it happens to Hutchies, we stop trading - it's that serious.

Given that Hutchies has over 100 sites underway in Queensland at present, and 6.5 years' worth of previous projects which QBCC can review for Category 1 major defects at any time, issues such as NCBPs and incorrectly licenced subbies can bring us undone. Managing our sites by doing the right thing and implementing good controls is of the greatest importance especially in the current environment.

Start by reviewing your site against the Regulatory Inspection Guide and implement the key actions described in the full alert below.

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2 May / Quality Alert

Here are our key focus areas for 2022

After considering carefully:

  • Improvements made over many years through the implementation of Hutchies' Quality, Services and Facades Handbooks and Systems
  • The impact of increasing legislative change on building acts and regulations, the NCC and Australian Standards
  • Issues repetitively identified through ongoing progressive site Quality control inspections
  • Long term / statutory warranty issues and associated cost impacts

We’ve identified the top 10 areas for focus on improving quality / reducing defects as follows:

1 / Stormwater overflows / flow paths

2 / Balcony / podium construction & waterproofing

3 / Fire compartments, passive fire, penetration register / markups

4 / Services

5 / Acoustics

6 / Internal wet areas and waterproofing

7 / Facades

8 / Floors

9 / Basements

10 / Durability and Corrosion

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27 April / Notice

QBCC is out in force looking at issues including temporary fire services.

Using the below previous alert and QFES guide, please ensure your sites are compliant with all relevant requirements.

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1 - 20 April / Promotion

From April 1 to 19 Bupa has extended one of their greatest offers yet – 8 Weeks Free! + Ongoing Corporate Discounts.

Learn more about why we partner with Bupa at a Bupa Corporate Benefits Webinar. Bupa will help to demystify Health Insurance + hear more about ongoing corporate offers and discounts!

Click below to secure your seat now! Limited seats available!

April Webinar Booking / 'Why Bupa' - register here

April Booking Consultations / Bupa Phone Consult - register here

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31 March / Update

Enjoy faster access to Australian Standards

SAI Global has recently enhanced their Standards Online (SOL) tool to make it easier to access content.

Enjoy an improved interface and faster search capabilities when looking for Australian Standards. Key enhancements include:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Faster page load times
  • New announcements section
  • Search filter features

As a result of this update, Hutchies will be removing old PDF Standards off the Document Library in coming weeks to remove any risk of storing outdated Standards.

Moving forward, please use SAI Global's Standards Online tool to access all Australian Standards.

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29 March

Hutchies is kicking off a brand new internal cadet training program available company-wide for all cadets and junior administrators.

This HUTCHIFIED task based training is aimed at cadets and junior administrators. Project managers, site managers and anyone else interested are all welcome to attend as well.

We’ll talk through Hutchies' expectations, how best to complete each task, what tools / resources you can use, and who to contact if you need assistance. Read on for more info.

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28 March / Licensing Alert

The QBCC is regularly checking company and Workers’ licences on site against the work that is being performed. 

It’s important that you personally understand what is required on your site, especially if you are in a site supervisory role.

You are also required to check that all Subcontractors and their Workers are correctly licenced for the works they are performing on site. 

If works are completed by unlicenced Subbies or their Workers, we face significant penalty. It only takes 30 demerit points in 3 years to have Hutchies’ building licence disqualified in QLD.

Please familiarise yourself with the below resources.

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