Quality projects, quality reputation

When it comes to quality in construction, no one wants surprises. 

With over 100 years of pursuing quality craftsmanship, exceptional quality management is simply part of ‘the Hutchies way’. We pride ourselves on a QA and defect management system that simply works. We’ve developed grass roots Quality Handbooks that address the key items of every build and represents our minimum standard. 

These include our Building Services Quality Handbook and Construction Quality Handbook.

The Handbooks demonstrates prescribed techniques for achieving excellent quality, including technical construction details and quality checklists. This format of QA provides the foundations for minimising defects at practical completion. The quality checklists are an integral part to the design, trade award, pre-start, construction monitoring and completion of the project.

Our Quality Handbooks is like our construction ‘Bible’. It is integrated as part of our daily work practices, making it a living, breathing method by which we do business, driving continuous improvement of cost and operational efficiencies. The handbook is an industry-leading resource and forms the basis of every Hutchies Quality Management Plan (QMP). 

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Building Services Quality Handbook

More about Hutchies' infamous Quality Handbook

Our Handbooks feature the below graphics throughout which indicate our seal of approval (ticks) and things we do not accept (crosses).


Hutchies' unacceptable cross


Hutchies' tick of approval

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