The below information is for use by Subcontractors and Suppliers engaged by Hutchinson Builders across all projects in Australia and should be read in conjunction with official Agreements.

The Subcontractor / Supplier must keep, maintain and make available to the Main Contractor for inspection and copying (at the Main Contractor’s cost and upon reasonable advance request) all documents and records in connection with:

  1. progress of the WUS (Work Under Subcontract) and events or occurrences which have delayed or are likely to delay the WUS;
  2. costs or expenses incurred or to be incurred in respect of the WUS or a delay to WUS which are the subject of any claim whether made by the Subcontractor / Supplier or made to the Subcontractor / Supplier;
  3. the resourcing associated with the WUS and any actual or proposed changes to the labour force, subcontractors / suppliers, employees or agents relating to the WUS;
  4. payments, contributions or other benefits made to, or claims for payments, contributions or other benefits made by or on behalf of the labour force, subcontractors / suppliers, employees or agents, relating to the Subcontract Works or the WUS;
  5. demonstrating the Subcontractor’s / Supplier's compliance with all legislative requirements including in relation to the engagement of employees and subcontractors / suppliers;
  6. quality of the Subcontract Works or the WUS or relating to the application of and the Subcontractor’s / Supplier's compliance with any applicable quality plan; and
  7. demonstrating compliance by the Subcontractor, the secondary subcontractors and/or the Main Contractor with any legislative requirement relating to the use of any form of slavery, human trafficking, exploitation, forced labour practices or servitude to exploit children or other persons taking place in a supply chain or any other slavery-like practices.

Terms italicised on this page have the meaning given to them in the relevant subcontract unless otherwise defined.

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