19 August 2020 / Quality Alert

Metal Fire Door Frames & Doors

Metal fire door frames are a tested system so it’s critical each frame is manufactured to meet the requirements of the fire test to remain compliant.

Relevant Standard / AS 1905.1-2015

Components for the protection of openings in fire-resistant walls

Part 1: Fire-resistant doorsets

Key Elements

There are several key elements that need to be monitored in respect to the manufacture and install in accordance with each manufacturer’s test reports / construction manual.

Test reportIt is important to have the test report for the system. Request it when letting the contract
Metal thicknessRefer test report – usually 1.1mm min thickness but may be greater
Door stopMin 25mm as per the standard
Fixing points / strapsTypically 300mm maximum between fixings
Monitor closely as it has become an issue with manufacturers increasing spacings creating a likely non-confirming product. Refer photos below





Grout filled, prefilled insulation or site plasterboard backed dependant on what the frame is being fixed to and strictly as per the tested system details (no expander foam or the like)

Frame install

Frames installed square/plumb/not twisted


Doors installed with max 3mm gaps to the jambs and head

Doors installed with max 20mm under door to floor substrate and 10mm floor covering across full width of the door

Metal hardware fixing plates (in fire doors)

Doors have metal plates to locate the door furniture

Check the door has a small hole drilled in the top on the hinge side. If the hole is there, then the door is installed the right way up.

If there is no hole in this location, then the door is likely installed upside down or back to front. Reinstall the door correctly or replace as required


All screws in hinges MUST be compatible metals, e.g. NO zinc screws in stainless steel hinges. Refer image below


Door frames and doors to have correct labels as per AS 1905.1 clause 6.1.4 (must include year of manufacture). Refer image below

Other considerations

In addition to the key elements, consider sensible door/door frame quality, including:

External doors frames requiring weather protection (hoods or the like)

Door frames preferably should not be ‘buried’ in wet area bedding or concrete (where this occurs the frame must be suitably prepared with metal primer and waterproofed)

Use stainless, epoxy painted or galvanised frames in corrosive environments. Use stainless within 100m of salt water

Utilise bat wing seals to provide a seal between airconditioned and humid external air in corrosive environments. This reduces saltwater forming on the frame

Jambs and head MUST be back filled in accordance with manufacturer’s details

All doors MUST be painted top and bottom

Ensure owner’s manuals have clear instructions on cleaning the doors/frames to avoid corrosion

Ensure owner’s manuals have information on the tested system door clearances (to avoid maintenance companies defecting doors against incorrect information post completion)

More information

Please contact the Quality Team if you have any questions

Phone 1300 HUTCHIES

Email QualityTeam@hutchies.com.au

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16 August / Update

Built by Hutchies' Teams, for Hutchies' Teams.

Our new Payments Tool is live and replaces our Filenet system. 

We've got some resources available below for anyone new to the system to help you get up to speed on how it works.

Filenet is no longer being used for payment processing. If you need to refer back to previous invoices, please contact AP.

Payment Enquiries

Please contact AP

Technical Enquiries

Please contact IT Support

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29 July / Notice

We've secured new agreements to provide Hutchies' teams consistent service, products and pricing. 

Bingo & United

We have a new partnership with Bingo Industries and United Waste Services across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. This expands Hutchies' price competitive options for construction and demolition waste bins.

Bingo / United covers:

  • New South Wales – As north as Dungog, out to Katoomba, all of Sydney and down to Nowra in southern NSW
  • Queensland – Morayfield down togreater Brisbane region, west out to Tivoli and down to Kingscliff in NSW
  • Victoria – most of Greater Melbourne and surrounds

Raw Skips

Our long term partner in South East Queensland has secured their rates exclusive to Hutchies for the next 6 months.

Raw Skips and their partner Whale Skips cover most of the South East Queensland regions – from Gold Coast right up to Noosa and everything in between.


Our suppliers both have a range of options available at exclusive prices:

  • Guaranteed fixed pricing for 6 – 24 months
  • Up to 4 x 1.5m crane bins included at no charge for each project (region / supplier dependent)
  • Below market rates guaranteed
  • Detailed waste reporting & recycling / sustainability reports
  • And more!
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18 July / Update

Hutchies' new Payments system training kicks off this week.

The login details are on page 3 of the draft training manual

Access via this link

Everyone now should have invoices under their test login (you can start testing now).

We are aware of a couple of bugs (The format of the Payment Schedule report & IV performance).

If you experience any issues during testing, please log them here.

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15 July / Notice

With the implementation of our new system for processing claims & invoices, please take note of the following dates to ensure a smooth transition.

  • 25/07/22 – No access to retention release module in Viewpoint.
  • 27/07/22 – No new invoices will be scanned into Filenet.
  • 27/07/22 - Filenet must be cleared entirely by 4pm– no exceptions. Every invoice will need to be actioned and cleared out.
  • 29/07/22 – No access to Filenet until we go live with the new system.
  • 02/08/22 – Go Live.

The week beginning 18/7/22 will be the start of our training blitz.

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12 July / Notice

New > Lead Procedure

Lead management was previously included in Hutchies' Hazardous Substances Procedure.

The separation of lead works / process into a standalone procedure provides updated specific guidance for the identification, assessment, communication, risk controls, monitoring and record management associated with lead works / process on site.

SP:06 Lead

Updated > Removal of Lead Material Checklist

The Removal of Lead Materials Checklist has been updated to address the planning and preparation requirements for lead works / process.

This checklist is used prior to the commencement of work, and confirming the area is safe to re-enter following completion of removal work.

Removal of Lead Material Checklist

WHS System Updates

Other recent updates include:

  • Energisation Permit [HB-HSEQ-F-074-B] — now available in all projects via HammerTech
  • JSA Form — revision of JSA to align with other risk assessment formats

Where there are minor formatting, grammatical updates or moderate changes in wording in any resources / templates, these will be updated automatically in our tools, without formal communication. 

To ensure you're using the latest tools, always access the Safety Systems via Hutchies' Toolbox > HSE tile and use HammerTech for on-site application. 


Health, Safety & Enviro


Team Leaders

  • Where your Team does not have a designated HSE Manager or HSE Advisor, please communicate these changes to your Team

Site Management

  • Review project requirement for lead work / process and where applicable implement the lead removal checklist prior to the commencement of work and before opening areas to other work groups

Team HSE Managers

  • Review updates and communicate these changes to projects where there may be lead removal works or energisation activities
  • Provide feedback on application of the process
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4 July / Meetings

Thanks for participating in Hutchies' Quarterly Company Meetings for Site Managers & Administrators.

A copy of each presentation is available to download below.

Share your feedback on this session

Survey > Site Managers' Meeting

Survey > Project Managers & Contract Administrators' Meeting

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1 Jul - 1 Aug / Promotion

As the financial year wraps up, it’s natural to think about the cost of things. Do the products or services we use work for us? And are we getting real value from them? It’s a time of making ‘new financial year resolutions’ – like switching to a health plan that better suits our lifestyle. 

To help kick off the new financial year, Bupa is offering 6 weeks free* in the first year on their range of Corporate Health Cover. So you can start fresh with a health plan that meets their needs and offers great value too.

Here are some of the ways you’ll benefit by joining Bupa health insurance:

  • You'll get a $50 Prezzee Gift Card when you get a quote with Bupa in July
  • You'll get 6 weeks free* on eligible combined Hospital and Extras products by joining between 1 July and 31 July 2022
  • You'll waive the 2 and 6 month waiting periods on Extras cover*
  • You'll get ongoing monthly discounts on Corporate Health Cover

Confused about the Medicare Levy Surcharge this tax time? If you earn over $90,000 as a single or a household income above $180,000 as a couple / family, getting Bupa Hospital Cover could help you at tax time.  

Speak to a health insurance expert now

Phone / 1300 662 074
Email / sales@bupa.com.au
Message / Chat to a live consultant now

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22 June / Legislation Alert

Scaffold Code of Practice 2021 commenced on 1 July 2021, with the exception of Section which had a 12-month delayed commencement.

From 1 July 2022, the following requirement applies to stand-alone scaffolding that has been installed on or after 1 July 2022.

The new recommendation is that the step height from the scaffold stair module onto the working platform should be minimised so that it is no more than 300 millimetres. This only applies where there is a change in direction between landings.

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