24 June / Update

2021 Policies

Hutchies’ company policies are reviewed every 2 years as part of the overall requirements of our systems.

Policies apply to anyone representing Hutchies at any level – including subcontractors and suppliers when they work on Hutchies’ projects.

The suite of policies has been significantly updated to accommodate additional aspects of Hutchies’ operations.

Please ensure you update any existing policies on sites or in offices with these latest versions.


Policy Changes

Revised policies

Tweaks were made to the following existing policies:

> Work Health & Safety Policy

> Environment Policy

> Quality Policy

> Sustainability Policy

New policies

We have introduced these new policies:

> Whistleblower Policy (new legislative requirement)

> Respect & Support Policy (combined from several other policies)

> Resilience Policy (our approach to maintaining business continuity)

> Code of Conduct Policy (standards for ethical dealings and behaviour)

Renamed policies

This policy has a new name:

> Social Procurement Policy has been renamed to Procurement Policy

Retired policies

These policies have been removed:

> Waste Policy (merged into Sustainability Policy)

> Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination Policy (covered in greater detail in Hutchies’ IRMP and referenced in new Respect & Support Policy)

> Equal Opportunity Policy (merged into Respect & Support Policy)

> Fitness for Work Policy (merged into Respect & Support Policy)

> Health & Wellbeing Policy (merged into Respect & Support Policy

> Domestic & Family Violence Policy (merged into Respect & Support Policy)

Policy Displays

Policies need to be available on sites and in offices. At a minimum, the following must be displayed together with Hutchies’ 3 system accreditation certificates:

> Work Health & Safety Policy

> Environment Policy

> Quality Policy

In office display options

> Printed A4 and framed in clear Perspex frames displayed together with Hutchies’ certifications and your local builder licence

On site display options

> Printed A4 and laminated – normally shown at site entry / sign in area

> Pre-printed on IBH010 site documents coreflute board (shown below)

Hutchies' Coreflute Board / IBH010 / Order from Toolbox Shop

Hutchies' Coreflute Board / IBH010 / Order from Toolbox Shop

Other Recent Activities

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25 November / General

Our latest suite of insurances are available now available.

Hutchies' Toolbox / Company Information

Hutchies' Document Library / Company Member Resources > Administration

Hutchies' Website / The Feed > Downloads

External Share Link / hutchies.com.au/insurances

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17 November / Update

Edition 2

Here are our latest HammerTech tips and tricks.

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11 November / Update

Hutchies is currently experiencing a wave of site visits and inspections from the ABCC right around the country. During these visits the ABCC is assessing Hutchies’ compliance with Building Code 2016.

It is essential that you read this update and apply all of the Code compliance measures outlined to be confident that your project is compliant, and Hutchies is not exposed when these visits and inspections occur.

Compliance with Building Code 2016 is necessary for Hutchies to undertake projects funded by the Federal Government and non-compliance can lead to sanctions and other significant penalties.

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4 November / Notice

We've secured a new national agreement to provide Hutchies' teams consistent service, products and pricing. 

Click the 'view notice' button below for all the details.

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11 October / COVID-19

70% double vaccination target achieved! 

From today, Monday 11 October, a range of restrictions will change as a result of NSW achieving its 70% double vaccinated target last week.

This email update will focus on changes to restrictions settings that are relevant to the construction industry. For more information about other changes, click the button to read the NSW Government press release below. Get in touch with coronavirus@hutchinsonbuilders.com.au if you have any questions.

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8 October / COVID-19

Stage 3 Restrictions

From 4pm today, Friday 8 October, restrictions will ease for the below local government areas (LGAs) to re-join the rest of the state on Stage 3 restrictions.

Brisbane  LoganGold Coast
Moreton Bay Townsville (including Magnetic Island)Palm Island

Eased restrictions for these LGAs and current restrictions for the rest of Queensland include:

  • Up to 100 people can gather in homes. No limit for people gathering in public spaces.
  • 200 people are allowed weddings and funerals (1 person per 2m2)
  • Dancing is allowed
  • All indoor settings (including restaurants and bars) can have up to 1 person per 2m2 or 100 per cent capacity if they are ticketed and seated events, including stadiums
  • No density restrictions for businesses that operate only outdoors
  • Community sport can recommence in full

Some mandatory mask requirements will remain. Read on for more info.

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9 October / Event

Join us at Oktoberfest!

After missing out last year due to COVID, Hutchies will happily be returning to Oktoberfest at Brisbane Showgrounds on Saturday 9 Oct 2021!

This year we have organised a number of VIP tables, that are open to all Hutchies' people (regardless of social club status or location), as well as clients, consultants, architects and other friends of Hutchies.

Scott's only condition to receiving a ticket to this event is that you must wear a costume!

If you’d like to come along, click the below button and head to the booking form on the Toolbox event page.

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